The Visual Research Collaboratory

 The Visual Research Collaboratory (VRC), which commenced in 2012, is a group of social science researchers with an interest in innovation in visual research. The group has drawn on their own diverse visual research expertise and experience and have come together to share resources, organise events and develop and implement various projects in visual research. The founding members of the VRC were originally based at the University of Melbourne and comprise (in alphabetical order):

Erminia Colucci, Sarah Drew , Marilys Guillemin, Catherine Howell, Cathy Vaughan, and Deborah Warr.

Since then we have been joined by a number of collaborators, including Jenny Waycott, University of Melbourne and Susan Cox, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

One of the aims of the VRC is to bring together visual and arts-based researchers who are successfully employing innovative research methodologies and to explore the additional challenges posed by visual research. To this end, we invite you to join the VRC and welcome your participation in the various VRC events and engagement activities.

Since its formation the VRC has undertaken a number of initiatives, including:

  • Video Ethnography short course, University of Melbourne, Jan 2013
  • Visual Research Methods short course, University of Melbourne, July 2013
  • Enabling Socially-inclusive and Ethical Visual Methodologies project. Investigators: Marilys Guillemin, Sarah Drew, Deborah Warr, Catherine Howell, Jenny Waycott, Susan Cox,
    funded by University of Melbourne Social Equity Institute, 2013
  • Defining and Doing Ethical Visual Research: Panel presentation/workshop, International Visual Methods Conference, Wellington, New Zealand, Sept 2013
  •  Visual Research Methods: An essential guide to photo-elicitation and drawing, Marilys Guillemin and Sarah Drew, International Institute for Qualitative Methodology, 2014 & 2015, Melbourne.
  • Special issue on Visual methods and ethics in Visual Methodologies Susan Cox, Marilys Guillemin, Jenny Waycott, Deborah Warr. Vol 3, 2 (2015) http://journals.sfu.ca/vm/index.php/vm/issue/view/7
  • Book publication: Deborah Warr, Marilys Guillemin, Susan Cox  & Jenny Waycott. (eds) (2016). Ethics for Visual Research: Theory, Methodology, and Practice. London: Palgrave MacMillan http://link.springer.com.ezp.lib.unimelb.edu.au/book/10.1057/978-1-137-54305-9.